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theme Relationships
size Various sizes from 800 mm - 2200 mm high
material 316L marine grade stainless steel, random marble rock
location Sarasota, Florida, USA
description 'PATHWAYS' belong to a series of free standing kinetic sculptures made from stainless steel & stone that symbolise the relationships we have with one another. Inspired by the patterns & movements that fish create as they swim to and fro, these graceful & hypnotic sculptures act as a metaphor for the pathways lovers, friends & families make as they journey through life together. As there are times of separation and synchronisity, togetherness & tension in all relationships, so the pathways sometimes part company and sometimes come together whilst some pathways almost mirror each other as they seek out a more adventurous route.Rocks are used to represent permanence & endurance and the echoes of distant memories whilst the fluid and organic qualities of steel symbolise the adventure of living in the present. 'Pathways' vary in size, can be easily positioned within a garden or patio setting and are designed to gently move in the wind.
price $1800 - $3500 USD each
  Please email info@malcolmrobertson.com